Four Great Online Sports Storytelling Links

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Soccer By Ives is a soccer blog that was started by Ives Galarcep back in 2008, which has now turned into a major news source focusing on American Soccer, including MLS and U.S. national team news, as well as international soccer. SBI occasionally publishes “MLS Spotlight” pieces that provide phenomenal background knowledge about the transitioning of different players throughout the league as well as the struggles and challenges they faced with becoming the players that they are today. These are excellent storytelling pieces that give the readers information they would not be able to find about MLS players elsewhere. The latest SBI Spotlight piece is a great one, highlighting how the reigning MLS MVP, Mike Magee cherishes his return to play for his hometown team, the Chicago Fire. The story includes great quotes and had all the right questions asked for the making of a very interesting article.

Every week or so, Major League Soccer’s official website publishes very interesting pieces called “Opta Spotlight.” Opta Sports is a sports data company with headquarters all over the world. In conjunction with the staff writers at MLSsoccer, Opta provides very statistically detailed-oriented numbers that implement into exceptional story telling articles. The Opta Spotlight articles typically include great charts and data graphs, which provide great insight when reading particular stories about different teams or players. The articles are also remarkably credible just because they are backed up by such data heavy numbers. The attached link measures the most impactful goalscorers in the league’s history by studying the charts and data graphs throughout the article.

The Shin Guardian prides themselves on publishing “high quality commentary” on different news and issues around the soccer globe. The blog is operated and created by Matthew Tomaszewicz and on this particular site, TSG is known for putting together lengthy, yet very insightful talking points about topics from all different spectrums. Most recently, TSG had posted a story about how the city of Atlanta would fare in Major League Soccer as the league’s latest expansion team. He throws in valid arguments on how the city would benefit and what it would mean to the rapidly growing supporter culture. The Shin Guardian never fails to publish a good story and is definitely a must visit for any knowledgeable soccer fan.

Pitch Invasion was founded in 2007 by Tom Dunmore, who is a writer based in Chicago and originally born in Brighton, England. The reason why Pitch Invasion is saved as best for last is because the site in its entirety identifies itself as a North American publication about global soccer culture and history – something you rarely find on the American Internet. Pitch Invasion provides readers with anthologies of essays and incredible story telling articles. The writers on this site do not publish news content, but more so enriching stories about legendary soccer icons around the globe, historic stadiums, bribery issues and other unbelievably interesting pieces about the soccer culture. The attached link tells a story on how a Yugoslavian goalkeeper and coach dealt with dictators and FIFA politics to change the course of sporting history.

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